The Power of Podcasting - Mini Course


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The Power of Podcasting - Mini Course

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Would you like to start your own podcast?

The Power of Podcasting Course Mini-Course gives you a taste of the fundamentals of Podcasting. It will help you better understand the benefits of a Podcast and how it can enhance and elevate your personal or company brand. 

This is a five-part series broken down into:

  1. Why You Should Start a Podcast
  2. The Value of Podcasting for your brand
  3. Podcast Strategies Overview
  4. The Benefits of Podcast
  5. Top Tips for Podcasting

Plus an additional Bonus for completing the mini-course. 



Course content

videoCourse IntroductionFree
videoIntroduction to The Power of Podcasting Mini-CourseFree
videoWhy Start A Podcast? Start
videoThe Value Of Podcasting Start
videoBuilding a Podcast Strategy Start
videoBenefits of a Podcast Start
videoTips for Podcasting and Bonus Content Start
Alan Hennessy - The Digital Mentor

Alan Hennessy - The Digital Mentor

Digital and Social Media Marketing Trainer and Mentor

Course Instructor

Alan Helps Business Professionals, Coaches and Entrepreneurs to navigate the Digital Landscape through my Digital Marketing Training and Mentorship programmes.

Don't feel confused about Digital Marketing any longer. Let Alan steer you in the right direction and increase your confidence and knowledge online today.

Alan has the programme that will work for you!

Read on to learn more about his expertise and experience in Digital Marketing.

Head of Digital at Kompass Media and a Social Media Consultant and Trainer, Podcaster and Public Speaker with over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing and works with Small and Micro Business owners and corporate clients, he has also worked in association with various government initiatives in providing consultancy and strategies on social media.

Alan is the host of the very successful Social Media Talks Podcast and has chatted with some of the biggest names in the Digital Marketing and Business industry. With over 100 episodes to date and over 10,000 downloads. The Social Media Talk Podcast has built up an incredible following not only to the public but also to Marketers themselves. 

The Podcast is available on all the leading Podcast Providers, So check it out and gain valuable advice from Alan and the world's leading experts in their field.